Asthma treatment during the attack


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Asthma treatment during the attack

As we have already seen, during an attack a patient of asthma suffers from narrowing of airways and excessive production of secretions in lungs. The narrow airways make respiration and exchange of gases in the lungs difficult so that the patients draws less of oxygen from the atmosphere. At the same time, he expels less carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. thus purification of blood in the lungs is thrown into disarray.

Furthermore, since a patient having an attack breathens very fast, he loses a lot of water in the air which he exhales. Thus the amount of water in the body decreases.

Asthma treatment during the attack consists of:

(1) Administering oxygen through nose in case the attack has been very severe and has resulted into a deficiency of oxygen in the blood,

(2) Relieving the narrowing of airways and inhibiting the production of secretions by bronchodilator drugs like Theophylline, Aminophylline, Deriphylline, Ephidrine and Salbutamol,

(3) Combating lung infection, if any, by suitable antibiotic drugs and

(4) Giving intravenous 5 percent glucose-saline if the patient seems dehydrated.

If the asthma attack is not adequately controlled by bronchodilator tablets or injections, corticosteroid drugs may have to be used.

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