Avoid Addictions For A Healthy Heart


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Avoid Addictions For A Healthy Heart

Avoid Addictions For A Healthy Heart

1) Tea, coffee, cocoa: They are all stimulating beverages. They contain undesirable substances like caffeine or tannin.

These substances affect a specific part of the brain and stimulate nerves and muscles, as a result of which pulse rate increases and breathing becomes fast. Coffee increases the fat - content of the blood. And if such condition continues for a long, the fat in the blood starts getting deposited on the walls of blood vessels, eventually causing arteriosclerosis.

Hence it is desirable that their consumption is stopped at the earliest.

2) Alcohol: Alcohol also stimulates nerves and adversely affects the heart and the nervous system.

Adverse effects of alcohol on the digestive system are also well-known. Alcohol consumption kills the appetite. It also causes liver disorders and inflammation of the inner tissues of the stomach.

3) Smoking: The nexus between smoking and heart attack has been established beyond doubt. During smoking, along with nicotine, monoxide also enters the lungs.

More on Addictions for Heart Health

Experiments indicate that due to nicotine, the secretion of two substances namely adrenalin and non adrenalin increases in the blood and consequently the level of fat in the blood rises. This leads to the hardening of blood vessels and when arteries supplying blood to the heart become hardened and rigid, the heart is adversely affected. Heart-beats become irregular and fast; there is anginal pain and eventually a heart attack may also ensure.

Heart disease is just one of the many adverse effects of drug addiction on one's health. Fortunately, drug addicts can still avoid heart problems by checking into an addiction treatment center and seeking help.

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