Backache Home Remedy - Backache Pain releif remedies at home


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Home :: Home Remedy :: Home Remedy for Backache

Backache Home Remedy - Backache Pain releif remedies at home

Information on Backache

Most everyday backaches we experience are due to faulty posture and weakness of the muscles that support our spine. Backache is a very common problem in today's life. But don't worry through right posture techniques at home and following a good fitness roiutine you can get rid of backache for ever. In this section we have presented many effective home remedies for backache. Try these out!!

Causes of Backache

Causes of backache includes -

  • Sedentary living habits,
  • hazardous work patterns and
  • psychological conditions associated with emotional stress, which bring about spasm of the muscles, cause backaches.

Home remedies / Treatment for banishing Backache

Backache can be treated using various home made remedies.

Raw Potato is an ancient home remedy for backache, characterized by incapacitating pain in the lumbar region, especially in the lower part of the back. Application of raw potato in the form of a poultice has been found very effective in this condition.

Sleep on your back if possible, with knees raised on a pillow. If you sleep on your side, a pillow between the knees is a big help.

The use of Chebulic myroblan is beneficial in the treatment of backache. A small piece of this fruit should be eaten after meals, This will give quick relief as a backache remedy.


Try some bed stretches at home to reduce backache -

Sit in the middle of the bed, legs straight out in front of you.  Then, from the hips up, pivot to the right as far as you reasonably can. Now lie back.  You should be shaped like a boomerang, mate.  And you will feel a profound "pulling" sensation in your lower back, hip and upper leg.  Relax and stay in that position for five minutes by the clock.  Repeat the process to the left. 

Lie down on a carpeted floor in the good old "knee-bent for sit-ups" position.  But there's a twist: let both your knees fall to one side and do your crunches side-saddle.  To an equal number with the knees to the other side, of course.  By bringing your knees nearly up to your chin, or extending your bent legs to one side or the other, you will feel a lower back benefit in addition to that most satisfying spare-tire-reduction that crunches are known for.

In addition with treatment / home remedies - backache prevention requires some Dietary considerations -

The patient should avoid fatty, spicy, and fried foods-, curd, sweetmeats and sugar; condiments; and tea and coffee. Foods that have been processed for preservation have few nutrients and should also be eliminated from the diet.



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