Beau's lines Information - Causes, Sign & Symptom, Cure, Treatment of Beau's lines


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Beau's lines Information - Causes, Sign & Symptom, Cure, Treatment of Beau's lines

What is Beau's lines ?

Beau's lines are transverse ridges that form as a result of temporary interference with nail growth, for example following severe illness or chemotherapy. Beau's Lines are nails that are characterized by horizontal lines of darkened cells and linear depressions. 

Beau's lines develop in response to many diseases, such as syphilis, uncontrolled diabetes mellitus, myocarditis, peripheral vascular disease, and zinc deficiency, and to illness accompanied by high fevers, such as scarlet fever, measles, mumps, and pneumonia.

Beau's lines are transverse depressions of all of the nails that appear at the base of the lunula weeks after a stressful event has temporarily interrupted nail formation.Beau's lines progress distally with normal nail growth and eventually disappear at the free edge.

Causes of Beau's lines

Beau's lines condition is usually self limiting. Here are some causes of Infected Beau's lines:

  • trauma
  • illness
  • malnutrition
  • or any major metabolic condition,
  • chemotherapy or other damaging event

Treatment and Cure of Beau's lines

Ingrown toenails should be treated as soon as they are recognized. In many cases, people with uninfected ingrown toenails can obtain relief with the following simple regimen:

  • Soak the feet in warm salt water
  • Dry them thoroughly with a clean towel
  • Avoid tight fitting foot wear
  • If discomfort develops try soaking the foot in a basin of warm water two or three times a day.
  • Apply a mild antiseptic solution to the area
  • Bandage the toe


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