Chelation Therapy for Cardiovascular Disease

Chelation therapy is individually being promoted and accomplished all over the world as a form of alternative medicine in the treatment of cardiovascular disease. It has been suggested as a safe, relatively economical and non-surgical method of restoring blood flow in atherosclerotic vessels. At present the benefit of chelation therapy remains contentious at best. Cardiovascular Disease is caused by fatty deposits sticking to the inside of people’s arteries and restricting blood flow. People with blocked arteries are more expected to have strokes and heart attacks, and can often only walk short distances before their legs begin to ache. Chelation therapy involves infusions into the bloodstream of substances assumed to remove metals from the blood.

Cardiovascular diseases, together with high cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart attack, stroke and new circumstances are the leading cause of death worldwide and in the U.S. Heart disease effects one in three U.S. adults. Collectively heart disease and stroke account for 56% of cardiovascular related deaths. It is likely that you, someone in your family or close friend have some variety of cardiovascular disease. Health care expenditures for cardiovascular disease exceeded $400 billion in 2006. Risk factors for cardiovascular disease consist of diabetes mellitus, age of 50 for men and 60 for women, high cholesterol, cigarette smoking, and a family history of heart disease. Increases in cholesterol are associated with hypothyroidism. These supplementary markers include C-reactive protein for inflammation, homocysteine level for improper metabolism of the amino acid methionine, fibrinogen for increased clotting, LDL subparticles and Lipoprotein (a) to further stratify cholesterol.