Natural Healing Oils for Hemorrhoids

In the human body, hemorrhoids are referred to vascular structures that are present in the anal canals. Organically they act as a cushion made up of arteriovenous channels and connective tissue that maintain stool control. When they are swollen, they malfunction and their normal activity is disrupted.

Hemorrhoids can be divided into two types, external and internal, depending upon the nature of their position. As the word is self explanatory, the external hemorrhoids occurs outside the anal verge; they are mostly painful, followed by inflammation and frustration. However, the sense of pain is because of skin inflammation. On the other hand, internal hemorrhoids occur inside the rectum. Since this area does not have pain receptors, internal hemorrhoids are mostly painless and most often people are not conscious that they have internal hemorrhoids.

It is to be noted at this point that “prolapsed” and “strangulated hemorrhoids” can pan out when internal hemorrhoids are not treated properly. In prolapsed hemorrhoids the internal hemorrhoids are swollen to such an extent as they are pressed outside the anus. If, then, anal sphincter muscle goes into contraction and entraps prolapsed hemorrhoids outside the anal opening, the blood circulation is blocked; therefore, the internal hemorrhoid becomes a strangulated hemorrhoid.

When it comes to the symptoms of pathological hemorrhoids, they vary depending on the type present. External hemorrhoids take place with pain in the area of the anus whereas internal hemorrhoids occur with painless rectal bleeding. While referring to usual causes of hemorrhoids, experts agree that major causes may include  irregular exercise, irregular bowel habits, low-fiber diet, extra intra-abdominal pressure, genetics, pregnancy or absence of valves within the hemorrhoid veins.

As far as treatment of hemorrhoids is concerned, many experts suggest increased amount of fiber and proper rest as natural methods of healing. However, natural healing oils have proven themselves in eliminating inflammation, unblocking blood circulation and recovering damaged tissues.

Natural healing oils for hemorrhoids include the oils of plants like olive, rue, and sesame. These oils not only treat the hemorrhoids effectively by shrinking the swollen hemorrhoids, stopping bleeding and healing damaged tissue, but prevent hemorrhoids from recurrence as well. It is an interesting historic account that these natural healing oils for hemorrhoids were revealed by Rambam Maimonides, a physician, who practiced medicine, based on the teachings of Greek Hippocrates, the father of medicine, and came up with combining the ancient medicine called wisdom with modern science to come up with these discoveries.

H-Hemorrhoids have been used for centuries by physicians for the treatment of hemorrhoids because they contain anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and stomach healing properties. The use of natural healing oils for hemorrhoids is very simple. What a patient needs to do is just apply the oil and massage it gently. The oils will immediately start on working on the swelling and pain relief.  This treatment is effective and has no side-effects at all.