Ways To Cure Cellulitis

Cellulitis is a skin disease, usually caused by Staphylococcus or Streptococcus bacteria. Please don’t mind the ‘foreign’ terms. Ok. Most often, the condition will develop after a break in the skin from a cut, scrape, puncture or bite. It can also develop in the event of a rash. Common symptoms of cellulitis you may observe include:

• Chills and fever,
• Red, hot painful and swollen skin which spilt, crack or sometimes ooze fluid,
• Drainage of pus,
• Malaise i.e. a general feeling of illness,
• Swollen glands,

Such symptoms and manifestations can be quite uncomfortable and generally painful, which is why one should understand the possible ways to cure and prevent cellulitis infection. Appropriate ways to cure cellulitis should therefore target to suppress the severity of the infection, relieve pain, hasten recovery and heal the skin to prevent any further infection or recurrence.

Before engaging in any treatment however, you need to understand the causes of the infections and conditions that seem to worsen the infection.

Causes of Cellulitis

Medications that weaken the immune system such as corticosteroids.

Bites from animals and stings from insects that cause skin breakage.

Cracks between toes or wounds from recent infections or from surgery.

Medical conditions related to diabetes. In this case, it can be worsened in the presence of poor circulation or ulcers.

How to treat Cellulitis


Cellulitis may resemble a lot of other skin diseases and sometimes it can be confusing. So you will need to consult your doctor and explain to him/her the signs and symptoms that you may have noticed. Be sure to state out every symptom and let your physician figure it out. Your physician may carry out some tests upon examination; these may include blood culture or complete blood count.

Treatment options

There are various ways to cure cellulitis skin condition, but they mostly revolve around antibiotics and hygiene. The treatment option your physician may opt to will depend on how severe the infection is and your general state of health. Generally, your physician may use any of the following options, or their various combinations

The most common prescriptions are antibiotics. This is a viable option if the disease is in the early stages of the infection, when it is still limited to the skin. In most cases, your physician will use cephalosporin or penicillin. Before I forget, please inform your doctor of any allergy to these two antibiotics to avoid any further complications. You don’t have to worry so much at this stage; the infection will be cleared within a week or so.

If the infection is a less severe, your physician may admit you in bed for a while. You will have to be administered with antibiotics by injection or intravenously to combat the infection. It might take a while in severe cases or in cases where you have other medical conditions that lower your immune system.

Another way to cure cellulitis skin disorder is by topical application of an antibiotic cream in the affected areas. This is however advisable in mild cases where the symptoms are just showing up. If you are applying antibiotics as a self prescription, be very vigilant about the progress of the infection. You are generally advised to report any case to a physician once clear symptoms are observed as delaying may cause the bacteria to quickly spread to other areas of the skin

One more thing: ensure that you take the full dose of medication prescribed by your physician. Stopping t take your pills or use your cream just because the infection has subsided can cause it to recur in a full swing. I learned that the hard way.