Identify clinical trials that match your condition

Many of us have been affected by some conditions both personally or through a loved one, we’ve seen the influence in dealing with medical conditions has on families. What is most important in every treatment is knowing the options to make informed decisions about it. Almost 200 million Americans have a chronic disease, such as diabetes, heart disease, asthma or cancer.

In most common varieties of breast cancer, there is a 0.5% chance of developing cancer in the opposite breast, and this increases by 0.5% with every passing year. The likelihood of it being Cancer depends on a woman’s age, family history, her gynecological profile. However, as cancer of the breast is a potentially fatal disease which carries a high chance of cure if detected early, NO LUMP must remain non-diagnosed, no matter what the woman’s age. Every breast lump carries the potential of cancer.

It provides people direct access to the researchers themselves. Ultimately they hope to work directly with organizations to set up partnerships, raise visibility and streamline the approach drugs are selected for progress and treatment. Not only that, the standard forms of treatment are also being refined to make them easier on the patient. Doctor will keep you posted on these developments.