Five ways to help improve your quality of life

We all know how easy it is to make excuses when it comes to not keeping fit. It’s too cold and wet to go running and the gym membership has expired. But here are some little changes you could make to your everyday life which will benefit your health and wellbeing.

Alter your routine

It is so frustrating being stuck in a traffic jam on the bus, so why not get off and walk part of the way? Even better if you can cycle or walk all the way to work. This not only allows you to get some exercise, but it is fantastic money saver and stress-buster too.

Take a break

Have regular breaks from your computer screen. Take a stroll and fill up your water bottle to keep hydrated. Always take time out at lunch, even if it is just for a walk around the block. The fresh air and break from the screen will improve your concentration.

Daily reflections

Having some time alone each day is very good for your emotional wellbeing. It is understandable that busy people find it hard to even snatch a minute to themselves, but think about creative ways of using your time. The train journey on the way from work could be an ideal time to swap the gossip magazines for a relaxation CD to help you unwind.

Reconnect with your youth

If you have forgotten your love for sport, cast your mind back to what hobbies you enjoyed as a child. If you loved dancing then check out some adult salsa classes near you. Maybe horse-riding was your thing. This could well be an old pastime rekindled.

Listen to your body

Any sort of skeletal or muscular pain can cause not only frustration but discomfort. Osteopathy is an alternative healthcare treatment that looks at the alignment and function of the entire body. The practitioner’s treatment includes moving, stretching and massaging the joints. So, don’t ignore pain. It is worthwhile treating it before things progress and start to affect your daily life.

Soul food

What you feed your body is as important as how you maintain yourself physically. An over-excess of sugar and junk food from instant food have been known to have an effect on the blood sugar levels, causing crashes in the way you feel. There have been studies to show that some foods can have a direct effect on your moods.

If you don’t eat breakfast but snack on junk till lunch, then try and include fruit smoothies into your morning routine. When Saturday comes, treat yourself to a bacon sarnie.