Preserving the Sparkle of White Teeth

white-teethA bright smile emanates from the sparkle of enamel in our teeth. To maintain this luster proper oral hygiene has to be undertaken. Basic are dental care tips for strengthening the enamel and upholding oral health. The most important function of the teeth is breaking up food and it through the same process that food decay gets into the teeth. Tooth problems are majorly caused by food residues trapped within gums; these residues decompose and lead to tooth decay or discoloration. Other teeth related problems may be caused by infraction on tooth enamel caused by injuries, bacterial and fungal infections, and consumption of toxic and corrosive substances.

Prevention is always better than cure; home based methods of preventing dental decays prove to the most effective. Brushing the teeth three times a day after every major meal eliminates 90% of food remnants that cause gum inflation and dental decay. As a rule, a brush should be replaced every 3 months since worn out bristles cause harm to the gums. While embarking on the brushing the technique used is equally important. Dentists recommend a circular motion on the teeth surface to scrub off food particles stuck on the grooves. In addition, the tongue too needs brushing to remove the chewed food on the soft palate.

A forgotten yet effective means of eliminating food particles on the gums is dental flossing. The process is quiet simple and the better part is that any soft role-like material can be used to undertake the exercise. By holding two ends of a string passed in between the gums, a person can swing through the crevices and remove the most hidden food particles. Moreover, just like brushing, dental flossing should be undertaken after every meal. The exercise should be undertaken with outmost care not to hurt the tender gums.

The third aspect of dental care tips that is recommended by dentists worldwide is the use of a mouthwash. However, it is not a precautionary procedure rather a remedy for bad breadth.Bad breath or halitosis as its scientifically known is caused by poor oral hygiene and other factors such as drinking alcohol and smoking. It may deteriorate to other conditions such as dental decay and discoloration if not attended to in time. Mouthwash or mouth rinse as it is known in North America is a home based dental care liquid product used to kill bacteria residing within the mouth. The liquid is not supposed to be ingested rather swabbed around the mouth then spat off.

At least twice in a year, every person should undergo routine dental check-ups to eliminate chances of developing concealed infections. Most of the check-ups are relatively cheap and take less than thirty minutes; it is then advisable to enroll for a health insurance package that provides for regular dental check-ups.Some of the activities undertaken during the dental checkup process include; checking for cracks, gum bleeding, infections and tooth realignment. It’s never too late to dash to the doctor to known your dental status.