Preserving the Sparkle of White Teeth

white-teethA bright smile emanates from the sparkle of enamel in our teeth. To maintain this luster proper oral hygiene has to be undertaken. Basic are dental care tips for strengthening the enamel and upholding oral health. The most important function of the teeth is breaking up food and it through the same process that food decay gets into the teeth. Tooth problems are majorly caused by food residues trapped within gums; these residues decompose and lead to tooth decay or discoloration. Other teeth related problems may be caused by infraction on tooth enamel caused by injuries, bacterial and fungal infections, and consumption of toxic and corrosive substances.

Prevention is always better than cure; home based methods of preventing dental decays prove to the most effective. Brushing the teeth three times a day after every major meal eliminates 90% of food remnants that cause gum inflation and dental decay. As a rule, a brush should be replaced every 3 months since worn out bristles cause harm to the gums. While embarking on the brushing the technique used is equally important. Dentists recommend a circular motion on the teeth surface to scrub off food particles stuck on the grooves. In addition, the tongue too needs brushing to remove the chewed food on the soft palate.

A forgotten yet effective means of eliminating food particles on the gums is dental flossing. The process is quiet simple and the better part is that any soft role-like material can be used to undertake the exercise. By holding two ends of a string passed in between the gums, a person can swing through the crevices and remove the most hidden food particles. Moreover, just like brushing, dental flossing should be undertaken after every meal. The exercise should be undertaken with outmost care not to hurt the tender gums.

The third aspect of dental care tips that is recommended by dentists worldwide is the use of a mouthwash. However, it is not a precautionary procedure rather a remedy for bad breadth.Bad breath or halitosis as its scientifically known is caused by poor oral hygiene and other factors such as drinking alcohol and smoking. It may deteriorate to other conditions such as dental decay and discoloration if not attended to in time. Mouthwash or mouth rinse as it is known in North America is a home based dental care liquid product used to kill bacteria residing within the mouth. The liquid is not supposed to be ingested rather swabbed around the mouth then spat off.

At least twice in a year, every person should undergo routine dental check-ups to eliminate chances of developing concealed infections. Most of the check-ups are relatively cheap and take less than thirty minutes; it is then advisable to enroll for a health insurance package that provides for regular dental check-ups.Some of the activities undertaken during the dental checkup process include; checking for cracks, gum bleeding, infections and tooth realignment. It’s never too late to dash to the doctor to known your dental status.

Basic Dental Care

Attractive smile surely comes with healthy teeth. For white and healthy teeth, consider first the below mentioned tips. In essence, the true color of our teeth is white. But with so many nutrients that pass through the teeth as well as by age, so the color white teeth can not stay alive forever. Dublin Pediatric Dentist helps to retain your sparkling smile with dentistry solutions for people of all ages.

Dental Care Tips

1. Take care sooner than your teeth get damaged. Use a straw whenever you drink coffee, tea, soft drinks and red wine. Thus, the drinks not the teeth directly. These drinks are generally the cause of tooth decay is very strong.

2. Avoid drinking coffee and red wine. These are the two drinks that can leave stains on teeth.

3. Eat as many as vegetables because it cleans your teeth. Besides being a healthy snack, vegetables turned out to clean your teeth naturally.

4. Brush your teeth atleast 2 times a day. Replace your toothbrush at least once a month.

5. Strawberries turned out to have a natural consequence that can whiten teeth because fruit contains high levels of Vitamin C. Be diligent to drink strawberry juice and do not dispose of the waste.

6. Rub lemon peel on the teeth can also whiten your teeth. Do it regularly so that the results can last a long time.

7. Avoid smoking. Smoking is the quickest way to change the color to yellow teeth.

8. Take advantage of dental floss to clean between teeth at least once a day. Dirt is very easy to slip in between your teeth and if not cleaned, will drift into tartar.

9. Use toothpaste that has the formula to whiten teeth as suggested by your doctor.

10. Talk to your dentist at least once a year subscription.

5 Food Causes Damage Teeth

1. Solid candy
2. Sticky foods
3. Sports drinks
4. Lemon
5. Soda

Incontinence – Causes & Solutions

More and more people all over the world suffer from incontinence. Incontinence or the loss of bladder or bowel control affects the lives of millions of people, male or female. Many people who suffer from this condition are quite embarrassed about it but it is often a sign of other types of health problems.

Incontinence itself is often caused by the muscular contractions that involuntarily occur within the bladder. It can also be a symptom for other forms of diseases like Parkinson’s, neurological disorders or multiple sclerosis. If someone has diabetes, poor kidney functions or stones or tumors in the bladder, they can sometimes lead to incontinence. Other diseases that can cause incontinence are urinary tract infection, constipation and bladder irritation.

In most instances, incontinence are just temporary and can be resolved through some form of lifestyle changes. Moderating the consumption of alcohol, reducing caffeine intake and limiting hydration can be really good for people with this condition.

If not treated early on, incontinence can lead to more severe problems. Many people who suffer from incontinence feel a lot of fear and embarrassment especially when they have an “accident” whilst at work, school or social events. Apart from the social dilemma brought about by incontinence, other health issues like urinary tract infections, skin infections, rashes and sores can result from having incontinence.

There are various things one can do to solve incontinence. For most cases, it is best to see a doctor to discuss the best course of treatment. Bladder training is one of the most common solutions to incontinence. This method would require the patient to increase the length of interval before they go to the toilet. This treatment requires self-control teaching yourself to relax, control the urge to urinate and distracting themselves. This might be simple enough but believe me, it takes a lot of time and effort to succeed getting rid of incontinence using this method.

There are also some physical therapy available to help in treating incontinence. Pelvic muscle exercises or kegels can be practiced regularly to strengthen the muscles we use to control our bladder. Doing these exercises frequently will help incontinence sufferers to gain more control over their urge to urinate.

Another thing that can help people who suffer from incontinence is electrical stimulation. This procedure will require the use of electrodes that will be inserted in the vagina or rectum to stimulate and strengthen the pelvic floor muscles.

There are also medications and devices that can be taken to increase bladder control. Medicines like imipramine, duloxetine, anti-cholinergics and topical estrogen patches and creams are widely used to treat various kinds of incontinence. Urethral inserts or pessary are also some of the devices used to prevent urinary leakage. As always, it is best to first consult a doctor before drinking any kind of medication or using any kind of devices for incontinence.

With all the above mentioned treatments, it is still best to use temporary solutions like incontinence pads to avoid embarrassments especially while on a social situation. These products are available for various types of people encountering this problem.


Even here in twenty-first century Britain, there are a lot of people who don’t brush their teeth as much as they should, with 7 million Britis not brushing their teeth regularly – sometimes not even brushing for stretches of a couple of days. The reason, they claim, is that the individual does not feel as though their teeth are dirty, while others believe they simply don’t need to clean as often as they probably should.

Getting to the dentist is also a challenge for some people, and combined with a lack of brushing, this habit can become extremely harmful for the individual’s health. What are the reasons a person might not visit the dentist? Is that person you? If it is, think about these points and reconsider your position.

Time Build-Ups

At some point in their lives, most people have skipped the dentist on a couple of occasions as a result of a clash in schedules or perhaps a relocation away from the family dentist. That’s fine, except for those people who have a phobia of the dentist. For these people it is important that they visit regularly in order to build up a tolerance of their fear.

More crucially, if these people stop visiting, the build-up in time could result in the total destruction of their oral health, and perhaps even pain and discomfort.

Horror Show

Many people don’t like to go to the dentist for the same reasons they don’t like to go to the hospital: they’re afraid. It is a reasonable fear to have if you judge by some of the sounds that come out of the dentist’s surgery; drilling, cleaning and polishing machines all have their own unique noises which may be off-putting to some people, but they key is to not to let that deter you, and you should have faith in your dentist.

Trust in Your Dentist

Dentists have at least five years of university training plus their experiences in the workplace behind them which means that they’re extremely professional, dedicated and good at their jobs.

So ultimately, if your fear of the dentist has prevented you from going in the past, don’t let it prevent you from going now. If damage has already been done to your teeth and gums, you could even get laser teeth whitening from somewhere to stop your teeth looking unhealthy. So don’t stress about it, just visit your dentist.

Five ways to help improve your quality of life

We all know how easy it is to make excuses when it comes to not keeping fit. It’s too cold and wet to go running and the gym membership has expired. But here are some little changes you could make to your everyday life which will benefit your health and wellbeing.

Alter your routine

It is so frustrating being stuck in a traffic jam on the bus, so why not get off and walk part of the way? Even better if you can cycle or walk all the way to work. This not only allows you to get some exercise, but it is fantastic money saver and stress-buster too.

Take a break

Have regular breaks from your computer screen. Take a stroll and fill up your water bottle to keep hydrated. Always take time out at lunch, even if it is just for a walk around the block. The fresh air and break from the screen will improve your concentration.

Daily reflections

Having some time alone each day is very good for your emotional wellbeing. It is understandable that busy people find it hard to even snatch a minute to themselves, but think about creative ways of using your time. The train journey on the way from work could be an ideal time to swap the gossip magazines for a relaxation CD to help you unwind.

Reconnect with your youth

If you have forgotten your love for sport, cast your mind back to what hobbies you enjoyed as a child. If you loved dancing then check out some adult salsa classes near you. Maybe horse-riding was your thing. This could well be an old pastime rekindled.

Listen to your body

Any sort of skeletal or muscular pain can cause not only frustration but discomfort. Osteopathy is an alternative healthcare treatment that looks at the alignment and function of the entire body. The practitioner’s treatment includes moving, stretching and massaging the joints. So, don’t ignore pain. It is worthwhile treating it before things progress and start to affect your daily life.

Soul food

What you feed your body is as important as how you maintain yourself physically. An over-excess of sugar and junk food from instant food have been known to have an effect on the blood sugar levels, causing crashes in the way you feel. There have been studies to show that some foods can have a direct effect on your moods.

If you don’t eat breakfast but snack on junk till lunch, then try and include fruit smoothies into your morning routine. When Saturday comes, treat yourself to a bacon sarnie.