• Most Common Depression Illnesses To Be Aware Of

    Most Common Depression Illnesses To Be Aware Of

    Depression is a serious mental illness that people have been taking for granted these days. It’s more than just feeling sad as it can affect how you think and feel which can become a burden to your daily life. 

    Here we will show what are some depression diseases so you can know more about this type of mental illness. 

    Major Depressive Disorder

    Major depressive disorder or most commonly known as clinical depression  is one of the most common types of depression with which will have symptoms as 

    • Loss of interest
    • Self-guilt
    • Withdrawal from loved ones
    • Fatigue 
    • Suicidal thoughts

    This type of depression can happen in episodes that usually lasts for weeks or months and can affect your daily life.

    Persistent Depression

    Mostly known as dysthymia, this depression can last for years and can affect relationships and daily work. It makes the person feel pessimistic and hopeless which can lower their self-esteem.

    They will lose appetite which will make them easily irritable and lack the energy to do anything. Most treatments in order to help people with this type of problem are usually done through psychotherapy or medications.

    Manic Depression

    Manic depression is also known as bipolar disorder. This type of depression can cause extreme mood swings which can suddenly change your emotions from feeling happy and energetic to being unmotivated to do anything and suicidal.

    Bipolar disorder can sometimes lead to clinical depression due to how extreme your moods become. Medications are usually needed to treat this type of depression like lithium in order to regulate mood swings.

    Postpartum Depression

    Postpartum Depression is when pregnant women experience hormonal shifts during pregnancy which is where it got the term baby blues. They can often last until a few weeks after childbirth.

    The usual symptoms of this disorder can be mood swings, feeling of sadness, social withdrawal, Appetite changes, or anxiety attacks.

    If these symptoms won’t stop after a few weeks then treatment must be acquired so that the symptoms won’t worsen.

    Depressive Psychosis

    This is a type of depression that is often diagnosed as a combination of depression and psychosis which causes the person to suffer severe hallucinations and delusions.

    This causes the person to be unable to differ from what’s real or not. Early signs of this disease can be a form of social withdrawal, suspicion of others, and inappropriate emotions in different scenarios.

    Atypical Depression

    Atypical Depression is a type of depression that’s mostly experienced by teenagers. It is kindly similar to melancholic depression due to how the person with this disease can easily improve their mood when anything positive happens around them.

    Symptoms of this type of depression can be:

    • Too Much Sleep
    • Eating too much
    • Sensitive emotions to everyone around them
    • Feeling weighed down

    The most common way of treating this is usually through the use of antidepressants.


    As depression can be quite severe in several cases, it’s important to immediately seek counseling if you have any of these types of symptoms so you can get treatment to it as soon as possible.