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Causes of Heart attack

Unavoidable Causes of Heart Attack:

1) Age: Hardening of blood vessels increases with the advancing age. This process commences in the first or the second decade of a person's life and keeps on progressing gradually.

2) Sex: The rate of hardening of blood vessels is surprisingly low among females. Some of the sex hormones of female are perhaps responsible for that. Compared to males, among females, adverse effects of the hardening of blood vessels manifest 15 to 20 years later. It is a significant fact that 80 to 90% of the heart attack victims are males.

3) Heredity: Some people inherit this disease from their parents. In case of such persons this process of hardening blood vessels is advanced when they are very young.

Partially Avoidable Causes of Heart Attack:

1) High level of homocysteine in blood: During metabolism, methionine (an amino acid present in food particles) is first transformed into homocysteine and later on into cystathyonone. But if a person is suffering from a deficiency of vitamin B6, homocystine is transformed into a harmful substance called homocystin. Many researches believe that this substance process of their hardening.

2) High level of cholesterol in blood: Higher than average level of cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood expedites the process of hardening of blood vessels. If the level of triglycerides is also high in the blood, the chances of a heart attack are acutely enhanced.

3) High level of sugar in blood (diabetes): Diabetes upsets the metabolic process of carbohydrate and consequently the level of sugar in blood goes up, but the cells of the body cannot use it due to inadequate secretion of insulin. Diabetes adversely affects blood vessels too.


Avoidable Causes of Heart Attack:

1) Smoking: among all the avoidable causes, smoking heads the list. Chances of a heart attack are 3 to 5 times higher in case of smokers because through smoking, two poisons, namely carbon monoxide and nicotine, enter the lungs and the blood.

2) Sedentary life: Sedentary way of living also enhances the chance of developing obesity and mental tension which eventually lead to a heart attack.

3) High blood pressure: Like smoking, high blood pressure is also hazardous for the heart. The chances of developing a heart attack are proportionate to the higher level; of blood pressure.


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