Diabetes - what is Diabetes?


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The following are the common symptoms of diabetes:

1. Polyurea (excessive and frequent urination): The sugar escaping through the kidneys, carries along with it, a lot of water. A diabetic, therefore, passes a lot of urine.

2. Poiydipsia (dryness of mouth and excessive thirst): This symptom is the result of efforts by the body to compensate for the fluids lost through excessive urine.

3. Loss of weight: When the cells cannot utilize glucose, the body disintegrates stored fats to provide the cells with necessary nourishment. As a result the person loses weight.

4. Weakness, fatigue and body-ache: The body also disintegrates stored muscle-protein to nourish the starving cells. This is the cause of under weakness and fatigue.

5. Wound-infection and delayed healing: Diabetes affects the small blood-vessels and nerves leading to a decrease in the blood-supply of the skin and derangement of skin-sensations. That is the reason why in the case of a diabetic, even a small wound easily gets infected and fail to heal in time.

6. Easy susceptibility to infections of the skin, gums and the respiratory system.

7. Aching or numbness of limbs and an abnormal increase or decrease in skin-sensations: Diabetes adversely affects the whole nervous system to give rise to these symptoms.

8. Sexual debility or impotence: General weakness, disintegration of muscle-protein, mental depression and undesirable changes in the blood-circulatory and nervous systems give rise to these symptoms.

9. Frequent changes in the sharpness of vision and the spectacle-numbers.

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