Dos Don't Asthma for Asthma patients


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Dos Don't Asthma for Asthma patients

DO's of Asthma:

** Get up in the morning at a regular hour. at night go to sleep early, at the regular hour.

**Always maintain regularity in your daily work routine.

** Take morning walks and perform yogasanas.

** Take a simple diet with minimum of spices, at regular hours. Have the dinner quit early-at least two hours before retiring.

**Keep your house, especially the bedroom, scrupulously clean and dust-free.

** Take your medicine regularly as directed by your doctor.

**Employ acupressure and magnet therapy regularly.


DONT's of Asthma:

** Do not disturb your daily routine.

** Refrain from smoking.

**Avoid hard drinks.

** Do not over eat ; avoid foods which do not agree with digestive system or which are known to cause allergy.

**Keep yourself away from smoke and dust.

** Keep your home pollution-free and clean.Have no rugs or carpets in your bedroom.

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