Factors Which Provoke or Aggravate Migraine


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Home :: Migraine :: Provoking Factors for Migraine

Factors Which Provoke or Aggravate Migraine


Stress and Personality:

The typical migrainous personality is said often to be unduly obsessional, fussy, overly concerned with detail, ambitious, a perfectionist and intolerant. Such a person may well be very successful in his/her work or career, but be unable to relax or adapt easily. If stress arises - particularly emotional stress - this type of personality has less 'give' in response to it, and any underlying tendency to migraine shows itself more readily.

Food, lack of food and diet:

Many migraine sufferers are aware that missing out a meal will bring an attack, particularly a routine cooked meal. Actual food allergies probably use a different mechanism in provoking migraine attacks.

Physical surroundings:

Hot weather, especially when the air is dry, upsets many migraine patients, ans also stuffy airless atmosphere such as in cinema, especially if it is polluted by cigarette smoke. Means, bringing together of a hot stuffy atmosphere, noise and flashing light in discos, would be strongly conductive to migraine.


Most patients with headache sooner or later are seen by an optician in case a lack of spectacles or a need of a change of lenses is the cause of the recurrent headache. Excessive close work causing eye-stain may certainly aggravate migraine.

Blood pressure:

It is well known that some people with raised blood pressure. suffer from headaches and that theses headaches are relieved by successful treatment of the increased blood pressure. so, someone who already has a migrainous tendency would experience more frequent and severe attacks in presence of raised blood pressure.

Other factors responsible for provoking Migrane:


Injuries to head and neck

The effects of hormones

The Pill


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