Headache - causes & Symptoms of Headache


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Headache - causes & Symptoms of Headache

Headache is a disorder which gives horrible trouble to an individual. Continuous pain renders the nature of the patients irritative and stubborn. Headache may develop some other diseases. The disease is common among children as well as adults. Headache is also categorized as permanent, temporary and migraine. Sometimes it becomes usual and mild while at other moments it becomes acute and intolerable.


Symptoms of Headache

The main symptoms of Headache are following:

1. Pain in full or part of head.

2. Irritation and anger.

3. Feeling of mental fatigue.


Causes of Headache

1. Tense muscles of the neck, scalp and face.

2. Mental tension or inadequate sleep.

3. Cold and sinusitis.

4. Visual defects.

Hot tempered persons suffer more commonly from headache as compared to cool and collected persons. Anger, irritation and anxiety result in tension in the back, neck and facial muscles. When this tension stays for long, headache is the natural consequence. Persons who frown throughout the day suffer from frontal headache. Persons who grind their teeth when upset, get headaches.

These examples clearly show that headache will be located in those muscles which are in chronic tension. Headache may also develop due to -

  • more mental work
  • worry
  • tension and grief
  • irregularity of menses in females
  • intoxication
  • excessive sexual intercourse
  • anemia
  • nervous exhaustion
  • tiredness
  • liver and spleen disorder
  • waking up late till midnight
  • malnutrition.


Treatment of Headache




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