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Dental Health - Article on Dental Health

Although, tooth decay is the most common of all health problems in Executives, it is also one of the most easily prevented. Teeth may be termed as a gateway to health. Good and healthy teeth not only add to the beauty of the face, but also are essential for health and longevity.

Tooth decay is very common, but one can have healthy teeth throughout life if proper precautions are taken. Teeth are very much alike and have been wonderfully designed.

Hints for health of teeth:

1. Keep your teeth neat and clean. Brush or Wash your teeth immediately after eating.

2. Use a soft and good toothbrush, which does not damage the enamel. Use dental floss where it is not possible to brush.

3. Avoid sugar, snacks, sweets, toffees, etc.

4. Eat raw vegetable salad, food containing vitamin A & c.

5. Tarter can be removed only by a Doctor. Consult Doctor at least annually for getting your teeth tested.

6. Avoid smoking and too much beetle chewing. Be true to your teeth and they will give you health and happiness.

7. Take care of your teeth so well that your visits to the dentist are preventive in nature rather than curative.

Some practical suggestions:

Exercise of teet

Chewing is a good exercise for teeth and is also a natural cleaning function. 'Fhe food should be properly masticated to give sufficient exercise to teeth, some fruit like apple, guava or carrot should be taken with slow rhythmic chewing. Homegrown-wheat grass can be chewed with advantage till it leaves its greenness. Sugarcane chewing after food is beneficial. Some raw salad can h~lp in chewing
exercise and natural cleanliness of teeth.

Diet rich in calcium and phosphorus adds brightness to teeth. Tooth brush dipped in lemon juice before brushing gives sparkle to teeth.

Avoid white sugary sweets, cold drinks and fatty foods, smoking, very cold &hot drinks, meat, coffee, sweets, sugar, soda, lemon, coca-cola, etc.

The teeth should be properly cleaned before going to bed so that no food particle is left in the mouth. Proper food and exercise help in keeping the teeth healthy and bright.

Massage of gums, with sarson oil, and teeth with thin powdered salt mixed with sarson oil is beneficial for health of teeth.



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