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Eye Care - Article on Eye Care

The Executive has to work in closed-door rooms for long hours, with the result that some sort of refractive eye errors occur. It is necessary to take proper care of the eyes to keep them normal and free from all diseases.

Eye strain

Strain in the eyes is caused by wrong use. While reading or doing office work, eyes should De kept at a reasonable distance and the upper eyelids should be lower. The eyes should move slowly with the reading or writing material. If some strain is felt in the eyes, these should be closed for a few seconds and use them gently again. Strain is caused by

  • Dimlight
  • Mental strain
  • Lack of proper blood circulation in the eyes
  • Lack of control over thoughts.

Eye wash

Eyes should be washed by sprinkling cold water early in the morning and evening. After washing with cold water, the eye should be gently dried by a clean towel. Then the eyes should be closed for a few minutes for relaxation. This exercise may be repeated in the evening also after returning from work. In order to give more relaxation to the eyes, they may be covered by both palms gently. This exercise may be done for five minutes daily.

Other Points

3. After food, the eyes may be gently rubbed with wet hands while cleaning the mouth.

4. Imagination: While closing eyes, good thoughts should prevail. Imagine some line from the book and think that the words are getting clearer and darker. This improves the eyesight.

5. Eye exercises: While taking morning or evening stroll, eyes should be refreshed by seeing green, blue sky or flying bird's, etc. Stretch eyes gently as far as possible. The blinking of eyes should be done regularly. Blinking is a very good exercise for the eyes. While seeing a distant object or reading a board, gentle blinking helps in seeing clearly and removes the strain. Blinking should be done during the day or night to loosen the strain and for better eyesight. Swinging of head and rhythmic movement of the body also has soothing effect on the eyes. While reading or working in the dim light, the eyes should not be strained.

6. Viewing movie pictures or TV: The eyelids should be kept downward and frequent blinking should be done while viewing pictures or TV programmes. Eyestrain should be avoided.

7. Avoid reading books of fine prints or in moving vehicles: Posture of the body should be kept erect and comfortable. Also protect the eyes from smoke or bright sun or artificial light. Avoid seeing a very bright object or solar eclipse, etc.

8. Moon-light: The moonlight has cooling effect on the eyes. Moon may be seen for a few minutes to relax the eyes.

9. Oiling of ears: A drop or two of 'Sarson' oil in each ear periodically at Bedtime is beneficial both for the ear and the eyes.

10. Eye drops: In Ayurvedic system 2 or 3 drops of Tulsi leaves juice in the eyes weekly is recommended. Fresh water is also used for washing the eyes in the morning. If necessary, some good eye-drops may be used on the recommendation of the Eye-Specialist.

11. Sun-bath and barefoot walk on grass: Morning rays of the sun are cool and good for the eyes. Stand for five minutes in the gentle morning rays of the sun and swing the head to and fro. After this, wash the eyes with cold water.

12. Eye diseases: If there is strain or trouble in the eyes due to spectacles or eye lenses, the Eye-Specialist should be consulted. In case of eye trouble,wash with boric acid solution. This is useful. But in any an Eye-Specialist should be consulted.

13. Good food for eyes: Good food containing vitamin is very essential to maintain good eye sight. Eyes need food containing vitamins. The food articles containing vitamins should be a part of diet. Rich source of vitamin-A is spinach, carrot, watermelon, mango, plums and fish. This vitamin is essential for eye health. Vegetables, leafy vegetables, and fruit and their juice also give the necessary vitamin and minerals required for the eyes and body. Wheat grass juice is also a good source of vitamins.



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