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Fitness & Exercise - Article on Fitness & Exercise

In addition to good and nutritious diet, exercise is an important factor in maintaining good health. With living a nutritious lifestyle, the right supplment can help you along the way. The life of the Executives is of sedentary nature and as such, some form of body movement is essential. The physical activity can be undertaken in any form like walking, exercise, games, running, jogging, gymnastic, etc. After exercise, deep breathing for 5 minutes is useful. It may be kept in mind that exercise or deep breathing should be done in fresh open air.

Health Hints

1. Morning walk for 2 or 3 kilometres in a garden or some open space, along with river, canal, seashore is very useful. It is light exercise, which always keeps the body fit.

2. Simple and physical activity of taste using hands, neck, feet, bending and jumping can be done lasting for a few minutes. While doing manipulation of hands and feet, the breath should be controlled. Breathing should be done by nose and not by mouth. In this way, simple exercises each lasting 10 or 15 seconds can be useful for one who is very busy. After the exercise, relaxation for a few minutes by closing the eyes, and inviting optimistic healthy thoughts lessens the strain.

3. Yogic Exercise and Pranayam- Yoga opens the field for a healthy life style. There are a number of" Asanas" depicting varietyof body postures, which strengthen the whole system and vital parts of the body e.g. heart, lungs, liver, kidney and the brain. "Pranayam" or the practice of controlling breath is useful for the health of lungs and for rejuvenation of the whole body. But some" Asanas" and technique of"Pranayam"needs guidance or training from some
specialist of yoga, and the Executives are advised not to undertake some of the intricate" Asanas", without the advice of a yoga expert.

4. Exercise reduces obesity and keeps the body trim and fit. It improves the functioning of the heart and the circulation of the blood in the body. Oil Massage of the body once a week before bath is also useful.

5. While taking exercise, optimistic thoughts should fill the mind, and the willpower should be stronger.

6. Exercises should be done in the open, where the air is pure and pollution-free. This is important because exercise if taken in impure atmosphere, may do more harm than doing any good. The early morning time is considered to be the best from this point of view.

7. A good friction bath is invigorating after the exercise. If possible, cold water should be used for bath, except when it is very cold. Before bath, every part of the body should be rubbed with the palm of the hand briskly. This not only helps in improving circulahon of blood, but also refreshes the whole body and mind.

8. Good and noble thoughts are very helpful for health and longevity.

9. Some Executives have to travel often. If necessary they can have brief exercise of neck, hands, feet and eyes while being confined to their seats. They can meditate and think of some simple ways for getting rid of ordinary ailments / tiredness.

10. There are certain health hazards and accidents in life. Work carefully and assess the unpleasant things that might happen by negligence. Do not leave things half done or to chance.

11. Be vigilant and co-operative in life.



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