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Health & Happiness - Article on Health & Happiness

"Life is not a bed of Roses" is the guiding maxim, and one should keep this in mind while living a meaningful life. Self-control and compassion, towards others are essential to make one's life happy. A man is an architect of his own fate and it requires proper planning, to make things easy and joyful. All are in search of happiness and still the world is full of miseries.

Some hints for happiness

1. Keep the body healthy and trim by taking proper food and regular exercise. The food should be simple and nutritious and one should have regular exercise.

2. Avoid stress and strain - lead a straight path and don't create complications. Remain within means and do not be extravagant. One should maintain cool and calm, and should be courageous to face situations in life.

3. One should love his family, and take care of his wife and children even at the cost of personal comforts. Have simple habits and save enough money to maintain the household affairs efficiently.

4. There should be love for the Organisation where we work.
This sincerity of heart towards one's Organisation gives satisfaction and lowers stress and strains in life. All the Organisations are more or less of the same type. We should not feel jealous or envious of other's position and power. One should be sincere in his work.

5. Keep your posture straight, walk tall and have high and noble thoughts. Keep yourself protected from strong rays of the Sun. Take care of teeth and vision, as these play a great part in making the life healthy and happy.

6. Thoughts should be pure and invigorating, as these have effect on one's health and happiness. Think right and quell ugly emotions e.g. anger, jealousy, hate and lust, as these things have positive ill,effect on mental peace. One should adopt a cheerful attitude to life and keep control over the self as far as possible.

7. Meditation and Yoga have a great effect not only on the body but also on the mind. If the Executive's life permits, one should grasp these subjects from some learned man and make these a part of daily routine. The life should be full of jest and zeal.

8. Have sound sleep. Six hours sleep is enough, but it should
be regular and at a calm and quite place. The room should
be airy and well ventilated.

9. Skin is an important part of body. Healthy skin adds beauty and charm and it should be kept clean and shining by proper bath, massage and enough exposition of air and sun.

In fact, happiness is an attitude of mind, and a large number of factors affect us, sometimes making us cheerful, sometimes nervous and worried. It is by evolving a life style suiting to one's habits, nature, circumstances, health and mental makeup that one can lead a happy and a healthy life.


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