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Health Diet - Article on your Health Diet

Diet plays an important part in keeping our body healthy. It is one of the important factors affecting our physical and mental health. The maxim, one should eat to live, and not live to eat, is an important hint to be grasped. In fact, most of the physical ailments are the result of wrong feeding, overfeeding, untimely feeding, and lack of knowledge about what food is best for the body. One more thing that should be borne in mind is that vegetarian food is the natural diet of man, and the non-veg. food produces strong toxins and acids
harmful for the vital organs of the body. It will be useful to plan by oneself what eatables are suitable to his physique and what are harmful, and not acceptable to the body. Great research has been made in modern times on the subject of food, and most of the doctors have come to the conclusion that natural food of grains, pulses, vegetables and fruit is most suited to the body. Importance of food for a healthy life cannot be over emphasised. In certain diseases, food proves efficacious, where even drugs fail to cure a malady. Improper food habits are harmful for health. It is, therefore,
essential that one should be very careful in the matter of eating.




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