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Health & Executive - Article on Health and Executive

Health is a God-given Gift, and it is our duty to preserve it by following simple Rules of Health. The old saying - 'Health is Wealth' gives the valuable truth. One should give a thought to the structure of his physical make up, and evolve, a healthy life style suiting to his taste and circumstances.

Nature has given us a wonderful machine, which is complete in itself, and it has inherent power in it to keep fit. To keep this machine in perfect order, we should take care of it and lead a thoughtful life. The human body is a perfect machine, but a very complicated one. A man is not only a physical self but is also intricately connected with the mind and soul. In order to keep healthy and free from ailments, equilibrium of body, mind and the soul is essential. Physical health is closely connected with the mental faculties. To keep up good health, willpower is an important factor.

The life of the Executives is not only sedative but they have to remain busy in intellectual activities and have to attend multifarious duties, attend various meetings at odd hours, and frequently face situations full of stress and strain. It is difficult to lay down, in their case any hard and fast rules of health. It is
for them to understand the healthy life style, and chalk out the healthy path according to the situation and circumstances in which they have to work.

All the Executives should themselves give a thought to their physical self-habits, the strain and stress of official life, and evolve a healthy life style for themselves, keeping in view the basic rules of health. In doing so, they will have to give a thought to the nature of duties assigned to them and make necessary
adjustments to keep fit and alert.

Healthy lifestyle consists of:

  • Developing healthy heart and blood circulating system by regular exercise and healthy nourishing food.
  • Creating high degree of energy levels by healthy habits.
  • Handling stress cheerfully and tactfully by adequate rest and invigorating ideas.
  • Eating well and eating healthy foods and keeping slim and trim.
  • Having high resistance to disease, thereby helping the body's immune system.

In fact, good health is a process of achieving one's high efficiency, full potential and happiness. The Executives in particular need to plan a healthy life style in view of the complicated and multifarious duties they have to perform. One who fails to plan also fails to attain a healthy way of living. Basic knowledge of health is, therefore, a must for them. Keeping good health is easy if we make the lifestyle simple and adopt natural ways. It may also be stressed that diseases are the result of unhealthy and unhygienic way of living. If we keep our external, and internal parts of the body clean and free from foreign matter, we will be immune from many physical ailments. The cause of diseases is due to the accumulation of foreign matter in the body by wrong feeding, impure air and lack of proper exercise. It will be advisable to follow a life style in keeping with the simple laws of nature.


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