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Lung Health - Article on Lung Health

Breath is life. Breathing is a constant process. Healthy lungs
are indispensable for health. Unfortunately, there is air
pollution caused by overpopulation, lack of cleanliness, use
of auto vehicles, lack of parks, trees and fuel emission from

Lung and respiratory problems are a major cause of disease
and disability. The following recommendations for lung health can help to eliminate such disease.

Hints for healthy lungs

1. Vigorous exercise and activity in the fresh open air improves lung health.
2. Straight sitting and standing posture is useful for lungs.
3. Deep breathing exercises help in improving lung function. With mouth shut, inhale pure fresh air slowly through the nose as much as possible, and then exhale the air slowly. This exercise may be repeated a number of times, say 10 or more. This exercise may be done in the morning and evening when the stomach is empty. This is
also useful in removing obstruction in breathing.
4. Lungs should be protected from frequent cold and kept clean. Keep your body resistance to disease high. Avoid exposure to 1w<\vydust, smoke, fumes and sprays. Use prokctivc devices if your work environment requires so.
5. Adequate rest and good nutrition (particularly foods rich in vitamins) are essential.
6. Avoid allergens that can cause respiratory trouble.
7. Do not smoke. Smoking is a major cause of lung diseases.
8. Tuberculosis- This is a deadly disease of lungs. Besides proper medical treatment, carrot juice is very useful. Juices of garlic, onion and. honey are also beneficial in this disease.
9. Lung Function Tests: Such tests vary with age, sex & height.
A simple test of lung function is to assess the capacity of lungs to inhalc and exhale air in one breath. If one can take in air upto a count of 100, his lung function is good.

Vital capacity of lungs

It is the total amount of air that can be taken into the lungs and forcibly exhaled. Vital capacity is related to health and longevity. Low vital capacity may indicate some form of lung restriction caused by chest or spine deformities or obesity and sedentary life style.


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