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Stress & Strain - Coping With Stress & Strain

One malady from which the Executive has to suffer is stress and strainarising out of multifarious duties they have to perform. It is imperative for a good life style that while attending to various functions in life, there should be no strain or stress.

No doubt, it is easy to say but very difficult to face intricate problems with calm and bold attitude of the mind. The Executive will have to think and act calmly without much stress due to troubles and problems. Everyone should adopt a straight forward, honest and strainless way of working.

While we don't want to eliminate all stress, we certainly want
to avoid excessive stress, or distress, that can result in physical
and mental breakdown. How can one tell if the stress is excessi ve? We all face pressures, deadlines, work and social demands in our busy world. But when does the load become excessive? It's not so much the number of stresses or demands on your life that determines your stress load, as it is your response to such stresses. How are you coping?


~ Ulcers, digestive disorders
~ Headaches
~ Backaches
~ Depression, suicide
~ High blood pressure, stroke
~ Heart attack
~ Alcohol and drug dependencis
~ Allergies
~ Cancer

Sometimes thoughts of suicide also occur when the strain depresses the spirits. One should therefore be very cautious and try to maintain a calm attitude to tackle various problem thoughtfully.

Some Physical Causes of Stress:

» Overeating and taking unwholesome food.
» Smoking and drinking too much.
» Overspending.
» Drugs and Medicines.
» Feelings of worry and helplessness.
» Unhappy home life.
» Emotional outbursts.
» Over gambling.
» Over controlling.

Avoiding or Preventing Stress

i. Self-priorities- First attend to problems which are important and need instant attention. After all, time is limited.
ii. Organise your daily routine - Make a definite plan of work
keeping in view the priorities. Delegate as much authority and work to others, as you think reasonable. Train and trust others.
iii. Reduce meeting time so that you may be able to attend to
other duties. Also avoid putting things off. Sometimes unattendej accumulated work creates stress.
iv. Don't try to be a perfectionist - you can never be perfect in
everything. Perform your duties giving reasonable attention, and then move on to other tasks.
v. Quell ugly emotions and live life with zest and zeal.
vi: Spend some time in meditation- Have deep breaths when
depression creeps in.
vii Cultivate a sense of detachment- Be serious about things v..,
that matter and not for everything.
viii,Have short breaks from work and relax.
ix:, Take care of health, have regular exercise, simple nutritious
diet, plenty of pure water, good sleep and develop healthy mental attitude.





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