Hiccups - What causes Hiccups, How to cure & get rid of Chronic Hiccups


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Hiccups - What causes Hiccups, How to cure & get rid of Chronic Hiccups

What is Hiccups?

Hiccups is also known as singultus & diaphragmatic spasm. Hiccups occur when a stimulus triggers the nerves which lowers the diaphragm (the muscle that separates the lungs from the abdomen), i.e. makes the diaphragm contract involuntary causes the person to take in a quick breath of air into the lungs. Hiccups are sudden contractions of the muscles we use to breathe in. Just after the muscles start to move, the glottis shuts off the windpipe, producing the characteristic "hic" sound. Surprisingly, ultrasound scans reveal that babies in the womb start hiccuping after two months, before any breathing movements appear.

What Causes Hiccups ?

This is a common question that what causes Hiccups? why do we get Hiccups? etc.. Hiccups are caused by a sudden jerk in your diaphragm that causes you to breathe in air very quickly.

The causes of hiccups are unknown, but they can sometimes be brought on by eating quickly, taking a cold drink while eating a hot meal, eating very hot or spicy food, laughing vigorously or coughing.The causes of Hiccups can be classified as causes of common hiccups and intractable hiccups.

What are the Causes of common hiccups

  • Unknown causes
  • Hot & spicy food
  • Carbonated drinks
  • Nervousness
  • Sudden laughter
  • Intense emotions
  • Fumes
  • Cold air or cold water

what Causes intractable hiccups ?

  • Excessive alcohol consumption
  • Pneumonia
  • Abdominal surgery
  • Asthma
  • Stroke
  • Liver/kidney problems
  • Brain tumor affecting the brain's breathing center
  • Indigestion
  • Side effects from certain medication (e.g. muscle relaxants)

Home remedy to get rid of Hiccups

You've probably heard lots of suggestions for how to get rid of hiccups, and maybe you've even tried a few. Home remedies are usually the primary cure and treatment for hiccups, although no one is really sure how well they work. Hiccup home remedies include sneezing, being suddenly frightened, holding your breath, gargling, drinking pineapple juice, drinking water rapidly, sipping ice water, or swallowing dry granulated sugar. These activities may help by altering breathing patterns. Try these effective home remedies for Hiccups


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