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High Blood Pressure Symptoms & Diagnosis

Symptoms and diagnosis of high blood pressure:

It is commonly believed that high pressure is a malady of old age and mainly afflicts males. This belief is,however,not supported by facts.

The possibility of a person above 50, developing high blood pressure afresh, is very slight indeed.

The belief that women less commonly suffer from high blood pressure is only partially true.

People that a person with high blood pressure commonly suffers from headache,burning of eyes, giddiness, palpitations, nose-bleeding, distended veins and that he can immediately be recognized from his flushed face. But this belief has not even a grain of truth in it.

In fact, high blood pressure produces no symptoms at all; at least not in the early stages.

Diagnosis of High Blood Pressure

In most patients, high blood pressure is diagnosed accidentally, usually during a physical examination under-taken for some other disease or for an insurance policy.

It should be noted that no doctor can or should proclaim the verdict of high blood pressure to a person after single measurement of blood pressure. The diagnosis of high blood pressure can only be made if the blood pressure is found elevated on two or more separate occasions.


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