Non-medical modes of treatment of high blood pressure


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Non-medical modes of treatment of high blood pressure

(1) Change your outlook and the life style:High blood pressure is a result of fast and competitive modern life.

If you possess a tense personality, straight away implement efforts to change your mental attitude. Do not compete with the clock. Do not take office-work to your home. Give some time to your parents,your wife and your children.

(2) Restrict salt-intake: In fact, salt is an old habit of human beings. The salt-content of natural foods is remarkably low. It is man who adds salt to food at every step. We may prefer to remain hungry to taking a salt-less diet. But we should note that those who never tasted salt, find its taste extremely disagreeable.

Extensive studies have shown that in all those countries where the average salt intake is high, the incidence of high blood pressure, too, is high. Even in a single country, the incidence of high blood pressure is higher in costal places than in the interior. We usually consume 1015 grams of salt everyday. This quantity should be cut down to a mere 2-3 grams.

(3) Reduce your weight if you are obese: High blood pressure and obesity are intimately related. High blood pressure is extremely common in fat persons.The greater the obesity, the higher the blood pressure.Many a times, blood pressure drops merely by reducing weight .Determine the ideal body-weight for your height. If your weight is more than ideal, immediate start efforts to reduce it.

(4) Take exercises and do yogasanas regularly: That light exercises and yogasanas reduce blood pressure is a proven fact .Exercises should not be overdone. A person should choose exercises according to his weight, age and his strength.

(5) Cultivate correct dietary habits: A person with high blood pressure consume low-sugar, low-saturated fat, low-salt, and low-calorie diet. calcium and potassium have also been found to be useful in bringing down the blood pressure. A vitamin-like substances, choline also reduces blood pressure.

(6) Give up alcohol:If a person continues to drink, other measures to reduce blood pressure usually fail.

(7) Stop smoking :The incidence of high blood pressure has been found to be greater in smokers. Tobacco has two toxic elements ; nicotin and carbon monoxide.

It is not only desirable but very essential that a person wanting to bring down his blood pressure, stops smoking completely.

(8) Give Magnet therapy and Acupressure a chance.

Medical treatment of High blood Pressure

Medicines: If the blood pressure does not drops to the desired level with non-medical measures, medicines should be added to the treatment.

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