Koilonychia Information - Causes, Sign & Symptom, Cure, Treatment of Koilonychia


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Koilonychia Information - Causes, Sign & Symptom, Cure, Treatment of Koilonychia

What is Koilonychia ?

Koilonychia is dystrophy of the fingernails in which they are thinned and concave with raised edges. Koilonychia is a dystrophy of the fingernails, sometimes associated with iron deficiency anaemia, in which they are thin and concave, with the edges raises. Acquired koilonychia may be associated with iron deficiency anaemia. The nails take a long time to return to normal.

In the condition known as koilonychia, the nails are flattened and have concavities. This condition may be associated with iron deficiency.

Koilonychia may be inherited as an autosomal dominant trait or it may be associated with other syndromes.

Causes of Koilonychia

Koilonychia condition is usually self limiting. Here are some causes of Infected Koilonychia:

  • trauma
  • illness
  • malnutrition
  • or any major metabolic condition,
  • chemotherapy or other damaging event

Treatment and Cure of Koilonychia

Koilonychia is usually caused through iron deficiency anemia.  these nails show raised ridges and are thin and concave. Koilonychia should be treated as soon as they are recognized.


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