Malaria Information, symptoms, causes & Treatment of Malaria


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Malaria Information, symptoms, causes & Treatment of Malaria

Malaria Information, What is Malaria:

Malaria is a fever common to tropucal and sub-tropical regions, particularly, places which are moist and dirty. The caustive parasite enters the blood stream throgh the bite of a mosquito of a particular variety and traditional medicines places too much of reliance on quinine and its derivatves for its treatment.

What are the Symptoms of Malaria Fever

Before the onset of malaria, the patient has vague pains all over tghe body, headache and a slight rise of temperature.

The onset of fever is preceded by a feeling of chilliness in the hottest of weather and no amount of blankets or quilts gives any relief from the chill. With rise of temperature, the hot stage begins when the fever may reach, the sweating begins and the fever comes down leaving the patients extremely weak and emaciated. The fever may come again the next day, two days after or even three days later.

Types fo Malaria Fever

There are four main types of malaria. These are

  • vivax,
  • falciparum,
  • malariae and
  • ovale.

These types of Malaria are commonly called benign tertain malaria, quarten malaria, maligant tertain malaria and tertion fever.

Treatment and Cure of Malaria

The traditional Treatment for malaria, as has been mention above, is quinine, but a large number of cases develop complications like loss of hearing (which, fortunately, is temporary in most cases of malaria), anorexia and a feeling of unease.

The treatment of malaria is the same as foe all other accute fevers. if the temperature goes beyond 105 degree F the body of the patient should be wrapped in a sheet dipped in iced water to bring down the fever. The moment the temerature of the malaria patient is lowered to 102 degree F the iced water routine should be abandoned.





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