Obesity - Causes, Symptom, Treatment & Home remedies for Curing Obesity


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Obesity - Causes, Symptom, Treatment & Home remedies for Curing Obesity

What is Obesity?

Obesity or corpulence is a condition of the body characterized by over-accumulation of fat under the skin and around certain of the internal organfs. While the state of health differs from person to person, other things being equal, the fatter a person is, the slower he will be. In some cases fat persons are slow of wit.

Doctors and actuaries have calculated the weight that a person of a particular height should have and anybody having a weight much above the average is likely to be unhealthy and would have a lower life expectancy. Women are more prone to obesity. Insurance companies hesitate, who are too fat. It has been proved from experience that the obese have a greater chances of dying early than those of average weight. Recorded acses exist where extremly overweight people did not live beyong their thiritis, some of them passsing away even before they entered middle age.

Causes and Symptom of Obesity

Women are more prone to Obesity, particularly after child birth. In our country, this is especially true because the new mother is fed on fatty and starchy foods under the imprssion that the blood loss attendant on delivery must be made up by extra-rich diet.

Treatment of Obesity

One, would agree that not to become fat is better than reducing when you have attained a certain degree of corpulence. One would not have become obese if he had attended to his food habits and had taken exercise. The battle against Obesity has, therefore, to be fought with courage and fortitude. weighjt could be reduced by fasting in a limed time but that is not advisable. Sudden and total to attect it. Fasting has to be gradual and controlled.

Controlling Obesity through Diet

The best course is to make fruits and boiled vegetables the mainstay of your diet. A diet of fruits and vegetables will give you the vitamins and the mineral salts for the sustenance of life, but would tend to reduce the amount of fat that has already been accumulating.

Controlling Obesity through Exercise

The other method of reducing the fat is vigorous exercise. Foods tending towards acidity like meat, fish, eggs, refined flour, lentils, fats, polished rice should be totally banned in the case of Obesity. Whatever the patient eats should be bland, because seasoning and condiments tend to make the food more palatable incrasing the danger of overeating.
The fruits recommended are oranges, pinaples, rasberry, tomatoes, apples, pears, papaya, musk melon and melon, in that order. The vegetables should be greens of all type, cucumber, gourds, etc. Tuberous edibles should be avoided. Only carrot may be taken with advantage.



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