Osteo Arthritis - Information, causes, treatment


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Osteo Arthritis - Information, causes, treatment

What is Osteo Arthritis?

Osteroarthritis is a degenerative joint disease which usually occurs in the older age-group. It results from structural changes in the articular cartilage in the joints, usually those which are weight-bearing such as the spine and knees. Other symptoms include watery eyes, dry neck, leg cramps, allergies, arterisclerosis, impairment in the functioning of the gall-bladder and liver disturbances. The possible causes include malnutrition, continuous physical stress, obesity, glandular insufficiency, calcium deficiency and shortage of hydrochloric acid.

Osteo arthritis is the most common of all types of arthritis, is a degenerative disease that may affect one or more joints of the body. It occurs in both man and animals.

Studies of different populations have shown that, overall, 1 percent of people are handicapped in some way by Osteo arthritis. However, the percentage increases with age and, if those over 50 years old were X-rayed, more than 80 percent would show some changes due to this Osteo arthritis.

While all adults may be affected with Osteo arthritis, symptoms are more frequent in middle-aged women. Certainly in working women this is the most common rheumatic condition causing absence from work, being the third most common in working men.

Causes of Osteo Arthritis:

There are probably many factors involved. It is usual to divide Osteo arthritis into two broad categories:

  • Primary Osteo arthritis.
  • Secondary Osteo arthritis.

The first applies to those cases where degenerative changes occur in an otherwise normal joint and without factors causing the arthritis. Secondary is used when there is a known cause.

In primary type, there is a variable, but definite chance that the arthritis is inherited. This genetic factor is thought to be a gene that is more likely to pass from a mother to her child. Of the secondary type, the most common factor is thought to be faulty or excessive stress on joints. Hence if a joint is deformed or dislocated, as may occur in the hip joint at birth, the perfect matching of the cartilage surfaces is lost and Osteo arthritis develops.

Obesity (being overweight) is considered another important factor and Osteo arthritis is common in overweight people, particularly in the weight-bearing joints such as the hips and knees.


Osteo Arthritis - The Joint Symptoms

The chief symptoms of oesteroarthritis are pain and stiffness in the joints. The pain usually increases after exercise.

The most common symptom is a nagging ache or painful feeling in one or more affected joints. They may be difficult to move and feel a little stiff. Usually these symptoms develop gradually over several weeks or months in middle-aged or elderly people. A common complaint is that aching is worse after any injury to these symptoms worse, and pain at night may sometimes be troublesome. Pain and stiffness is notable at first, settle with rest and treatment. The fingers feel stiff and working with the hands may be painful. Rarely, acute symptoms, with redness and swelling, indicate inflammation in these joints.



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