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Preventing a Heart Attack

The old adage 'Preventionis better than cure' applies to many diseases. But, so far as the disorders of the circulatory system and the heart are concerned, prevention is the only real chance of survival.

Heart is the most vital organ of human body. It works incessantly without stopping even for a moment. If it stopped even for a moment, man would die. Taking thsi fact into account, Nature has created special type of muscles for the heart. In other parts of the body, if any muscles is damaged new similar muscle-tissues are formed in the smae place. But this is not true for the heart muscles. They die due to a heart attack. After some time, the wound appears to have healed; but the process of healing is brought about by fibrous tissues and consequently the heart becomes weak for ever.

It is very important to make attempts, right from the childhood, to avoid the heart disease. Such attempts are known as measures of primary prevention.

Primary Prevention of Heart Attack:

These preventive meaures have to be started at an early age in a person's life. There are three main features of the primary prevention:

  • Cultivating proper eating and living habits
  • Doing physical exercise regularly and
  • Keeping away form smoking


Secondary Prevention of Heart Attack:

These prventive measures commence at an advanced age. Following are the main features of secondary prevention:

1) To slacken the pace of work.

2) To make necessary changes in the psychological attitude.

3) To give up smoking.

4) To control high blood pressure.

5) To control diaceted.

6) To reduce weight, if it is above the normal limits.

7) To reduce the level of cholesterol in blood.

8) To perform exercises regularly.


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