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Risks High Blood Pressure

(1) Atherosclerosis (hardening of the blood vessels): The blood vessels of a healthy person are highly elastic because organs require less or more blood as per the requirements of the situation. High blood pressure leads to narrowing and hardening of blood vessels. Narrow and hardened arteries cannot expand to carry more blood even when needed.And if it is not controlled, it may become too narrow and may get totally blocked. This results in the death of a part of the heart muscles. This is nothing but a heart attack.

(2) Heart failure : When blood pressure is high, the heart has to work hard. For a period of time, despite the increased work-load, the heart does well. It accommodates and handles the burden. But there comes a time when it tires and is unable to fully meet the strain. The result is congestive heart failure.

(3) Detrimental effects on Kidneys: When blood pressure is high, the kidney cannot perform their work of blood filtration effectively. And cause heart failure. High blood pressure also gradually destroys the kidneys.

(4) Arteriolar inflammation :Some patients of High blood pressure suffer from inflammation of the arterioles. The symptoms of this disorder include rapidly increasing high blood pressure (accelerated hypertension), retinal haemorrhages and progressive kidney failure .Inflammation of the arterioles led to almost certain death within an year.

(5) Dissecting aneurysm of the aorta : A part of the main artery (aorta) becomes thin in some patients of high blood pressure. The cells of the thinned part undergo rotting and destruction. If the condition is immediately diagnosed, the patient's life may be saved by drugs and an operation; if not, death soon ensures.

(6) Reduced life-expectancy : The most serious hazard of high blood pressure is that it shortens life.

For example, a man of 35, if the blood pressure is 142/85, the mortality rate is 150 percent above average; , if the blood pressure is 152/85, the mortality rate increases to 225 percent ; , if the blood pressure is145/95, the mortality rate is again 225 percent ; , if the blood pressure is 152/95, the mortality rate increases to 300 percent above average.

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