Tonsillitis - Symptom, Treatment of Audult, Chronic & Acute Tonsillitis, Home remedy


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Tonsillitis - Symptom, Treatment of Audult, Chronic, Acute & Cryptic Tonsillitis, Home remedy for Tonsillitis

What is Tonsillitis?

The Tonsillitis are two almond-shaped glands situated at either side of the narrow passage where the mouth joins the throat. Tonsillitis have the structure of lymphatic glands and consits of an elevation of the mucous membrane of the mouth presenting twelve to fifteen openings.

Even though at one time it was thought that Tonsillitis didnot play any vital role and could be excised when infected, modren medicine has come to realise their importance as a guard against infection and symptom of viral, audult, chronic, acute and cryptic Tonsillitis.

Recent studies have proved that children whose Tonsils had been removed were more suseptible to infections than others. The Tonsillitis act as a fishing net, trapping most of the infections and localising them.

Types of Tonsillitis:

There are different forms of Tonsillitis

  • Audult Tonsillitis
  • Acute Tonsillitis
  • Cryptic Tonsillitis
  • Viral Tonsillitis
  • Chronic Tonsillitis
  • Chronic Cryptic Tonsillitis

What Causes Tonsillitis ?

Viruses and bacteria are the major causes of Tonsillitis. There are many different individual viruses and bacteria that can potentially cause tonsillitis. For example the Epstein-Barr virus, which is the cause of glandular fever, is a common cause of Tonsillitis.

Sign and Symptom of Tonsillitis

The onset/Symptom of Tonsillitis is sudden, with pain in swallowing and sensation of chilliness and fever. The swelling symptom in Tonsillitis is caused by harmful bacteria and poisonous substances which enter through the food. One or both Tonsils become enlarged and are coverd with a varying amount of whitish or grey material, which is a purulent discharge from the Tonsillitis themselves. Some Symptom of Tonsillitis are as:

Sometimes the pain travels to the ear.

In Tonsillitis, The tongue, particularly the posterior part, is covered with a thick fur, and the breath has an unpleasant odour.

The temperature of the patient suffering from Tonsillitis sometimes rises to 104 degree or 105 degree F.

The tonsils can be very large with tonsillitis, but they are also fairly large in young children even when they are well. Sometimes they can make it hard for the child to breathe or swallow, but this is very unusual.

How does the doctor make a diagnosis of Tonsillitis?

The doctor usually makes the diagnosis from the symptoms and signs of the disease.

Treatment or Cure of Tonsillitis

A person suffering from Tonsillitis generally loses his appetite. It is nature's way of safeguarding the health, or at any rate, from letting it deteriorate further. The best treatment for Tonsillitis or the way to deal with the Tonsils is to stop taking solids: the patient should only take juice of oranges, lime and honey, and, ofcourse, water.



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