Typhoid Fever: Symptom, Information, causes, Treatment of Typhoid Fever


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Home :: Fevers :: Typhoid Fever Symptom

Typhoid Fever: Symptom, Information, causes, Treatment of Typhoid Fever

Synonyms and related keywords for Typhoid Fever: enteric fever, TF, typhoid

What is Typhoid Fever?

Typhoid or enteric fever is a condition in which there is an insidious fever, a typical course of temperature, marked abdominal symptoms.

Typhoid Fever Sign and Symptom

In Typhoid Fever, patients may present with a large variety of symptoms and complaints. Some Typhoid fever symptom are described below -

Typhoid Fever Symptoms -

1. Ulceration of the bowels.

2. An eruption on the skin.

3. Another sign and symptom of rheumatic fever is the onset of the Typoid fever is milder than most fevers. In Typhoid Fever, the patient may go about his work for a week or so till the progress of the disease confines him to bed.

4. An uncertain duration and a liability to frequent relapses.

5. In Typhoid Fever, the most marked early symptom of Typhoid Fever are headache, lassitude, a general discomfort, insomia and feverishness, particularly at night.

6. In typhoid fever Symptom is that the tongoe becomes dry and is coated with white patches in the central region of its surface. The fever gradually comes down to normal by the end of the fourth week.

7. Another symptom of Typoid fever is that in this systemic disease, in some cases there may be nose-bleed in the early stages.

8. In typhoid fever, the fever rises in the evening and has a tendency to fall in the morning: the temperature of typhoid is typical. Each succeeding day the highest and lowest point tends to increase till the disease has run its course.

9. Another sign and symptom of typhoid fever is that skin eruption tend to appear in the second week and if care is not taken inflammation of the bones and ulceration of the bowels may occur.

More about Typhoid Fever Symptom and Facts on Typhoid Fever -

In Typhoid Fever, exhaustion leads to prostration. Ulceration of the bowels may lead to haemorrhage and if an ulcer is perforated, peritonitis may set in with fatal results. Sometimes inflammation of the lungs or the pluera leading to pleuristy- may result and the patient, even though free from typhoid fever may be confined to bed for months on end.

What are the causes of Typhoid Fever?

Typhoid fever, according to naturopathy, can hit only that body in which there is accumulation of toxic waste and other putrifying materials in the intestines.

Typhoid fever is most prevalent in developing countries where sanitary water and sewage systems are lacking. If a system is healthy and free from toxicity there is no likelihood of typhoid fever developing, even if the person is exposed to the severest form of infection.

Treatment of Typhoid Fever

Traditional medicine and its practitioners have a tendency to wait for a complete diagnosis before starting proper medication for curing typhoid fever and by that time the disease has taken hold.

The best way is the way of nature cure where a fever- no matter what its name and variety- is treated according to same methods. The patient must be fasted till the temperature has come down to normal. During this period only water, fruits and orange juice in medium quantities should be allowed to him.

After the typhoid fever is gone and the tongue has regained its healthy hue, an all-fruit diet should be given followed by boiled vegetables and un-refined foods like wholemeal bread and unpolished rice.




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