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Home :: Whiten Your Skin in 20 Steps

How to whiten skin in 20 Steps: Naturally or Through Makeup

White skin has always been considered an attractive trait. In fact, the quest for creamy ivory skin has probably been ingrained in most girls since they’ve heard the tale of the impressively beautiful Snow White. For those who have been dreaming of milky skin, the good news is that there are now countless of ways to lighten skin, most of which are effective and inexpensive.

Read on for 20 tips on how to whiten your skin!

1. Prevention is better than cure; so make sure that you stay out of direct sunlight especially when the sun is at its harshest at 10 am to 3 pm. If you can’t avoid sun exposure, make sure to slather on the sunscreen to keep your skin from darkening further.

2. Eat your daily dose of fruits and vegetables. A balanced diet definitely has an effect in achieving glowing skin, so stock up on fruits rich in antioxidants such as apples, grapes oranges and pineapples. These fruits are effective since they help in skin regeneration.

3. Oil is good for you. The good oily foods such as nuts, salmon and flax seed up the moisture content of your skin, and these will make skin look healthier.

4. Do away with the skin ruining habits such as smoking and staying up late, cigarette smoking in particular can leave skin looking dull and ashen.

5. Do not ignore hydration! Drink 8 to 10 glasses of water daily to maintain supple and clear skin. It also help prevent the onset of dark spots on your skin

6. Exfoliate at least once a week. This can do wonders in getting rid of dead skin cells, so you can reveal brighter and healthier looking skin.

7. Try home remedies. A mixture of turmeric and lime juice when applied to skin is proven to be effective in whitening dark areas.

8. Aloe isn’t just for burns. It can also be used to whiten skin gradually through repeated usage.

9. Other effective ingredients you might have lying around your kitchen are tomatoes or honey, both also contain skin lightening properties and are safe enough to be applied to skin directly.

10. White skin isn’t described as milky for nothing! Soaking a washcloth in fresh milk is effective in whitening skin since milk is a natural bleach.

11. If you don’t want to go the DIY route, scour your neighborhood grocery or department store for milk based body washes or lotions.

12. While you’re at the beauty counter, keep your eye out for Papaya based soaps too. This magic fruit is often incorporated in soaps because of its potent whitening properties.

13. Skin whitening lotion is getting increasingly popular in the market and its also a product a lot of women swear by to whiten their skin. Check your beauty counters to see which one you’re most comfortable using, and use it regularly to see potent effects.

14. Take in a supplement or two. Add a beauty supplement to your daily dose of vitamins. Look for food supplements with kojic acid, retinol or Vitamin C for extra potent effects.

15. If you want a temporary illusion of lighter skin, a bright lipstick can do wonders in making the rest of your skin seem lighter in comparison.

16. A good concealer is effective in lightening dark spots; just make sure to blend properly.

17. If you're after more extensive whitening, invent in a good face and body foundation. Make sure that the shade is no less than two shades lighter than your natural skin color so that the foundation doesn’t look too fake, and remember to blend well!

18. Ask your local dermatologist about a glycolic peel, this is a treatment that is sure to have noticeable effect right after you avail of it.

19. Glutathione shots are also available for those who want to see a more apparent change in skin color, but these don’t come cheap so better save up!

20. If you’re really serious about whitening your skin by several shades, dermatologists also offer intensive lasering or bleaching procedures for uniform white skin all over.

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