Cervical mucous- cervical increased mucous , pregnancy cervical mucous


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Cervical mucous- cervical increased mucous , pregnancy cervical mucous

What is Cervical mucous?

A woman's cervical mucous is different throughout her menstrual cycle. During most of the cycle it forms a thick plug that prevents sperm from entering the uterus. Preceding the time of ovulation the mucous increases in volume, becomes thinner and more stretchy.

The position of your cervix and the cervical mucous you produce changes throughout your menstrual cycle. Therefore, charting the amount and texture of your cervical mucous as well as the position of your cervix can help you pinpoint ovulation.In the middle of a woman's cycle cervical mucous provides a reservoir for sperm. Sperm are able to survive for a number of days within crypts of the cervix.

A swab of the cervical mucous membrane (lining) is taken during a Pap smear in screening for HPV cervical cancer. A viscid slippery secretion that is usually rich in mucins and is produced by mucous membranes which it moistens and protects.

Cervical mucous facts and information

The presence and tactile consistency of a woman's cervical fluid undergoes a number of changes during her menstrual cycle.The cervical mucous also acts as a barrier to abnormal sperm. For example, abnormally shaped sperm is much less likely to get into the cervical mucous than normally shaped sperm.

In predicting fertility, observing the position of the cervix (located at the lower part of the uterus) can be very instructive. Like cervical fluids, the position and "feel" of the cervix will undergo a measurable change during a woman's menstrual cycle

Types of Cervical Mucous

These are the types of Cervical Mucous you will see during your menstrual cycle:

  1. Dry Cervical Mucous: At the beginning of your cycle, prior to ovulation you will likely produce little to know cervical mucous
  2. Sticky Cervical Mucous: You may notice sticky cervical mucous prior to ovulation. It feels sticky to your fingers when you touch it
  3. Creamy Cervical Mucous: As you get closer to ovulation you will notice thicker, creamy-looking cervical mucous. This mucous looks and feels similar to lotion.
  4. Eggwhite Cervical Mucous: Eggwhite cervical mucous looks like eggwhites and is slippery, clear, and stretchy.
  5. Watery Cervical Mucous: Watery cervical mucous is wet and may be stretchy.


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