Vaginitis (trichomonas): Symptom & Treatment, cure of Bacterial, Atrophic Vaginitis


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Vaginitis - Symptom & Treatment of Bacterial, Atrophic Vaginitis

What is Vaginitis?

Vaginitis can be described as an inflammation of the vagina and vulva. It is a fairly common problem with women. Bacterial and Atrophic Vaginitis can be avoided by taking proper treatment in the initial stages itself. But women usually tend to hide this problem. Changes in the activity of the vaginal epithelium and in the vaginal secretion at different ages have a profound influence on the defense against vaginal infection.

Vaginitis Facts and Information

In the adult, the normal vaginal moisture or secretion consists of mucous and discarded vaginal cells. This discharge generally causes no irritation though the amount secreted and consistency vary. The variance is also due to the periodicity of the menstrual cycle and psychological conditions. Normal healthy women do not suffer from the sensations of the itching, burning, pain or irritation due to Vaginitis. In unhealthy women and in abnormal conditions, the resident organisms (bacteria) multiply rapidly and produce excessive waste products. It causes tissue irritation in this region leading to itching, swelling, and burning. There is increase in the frequency or discharge of urine which is accompanied with an unpleasant order.

Symptom of Vaginitis

The symptoms of vaginitis are

  • feeling of heat and fullness in the vagina,
  • a dragging feeling in the groin,
  • increased urinary frequency and
  • vaginal discharge, that is, leucorrhoea.

Other symptom of vaginitis are: The clear or white secretion becomes purulent and yellow. The severity of leucorrhoea depends upon the degree of bacterial infection.

Causes of Vaginitis

The main causes of Vaginitis are irritation of vagina by external factors like cuts, abrasions in this region, constant wearing of tight-fitting clothes and wearing unclean clothes, using dirty or
infected water and lack of hygiene.

Certain medications and treatments can increase susceptibility to infection. These include the use of antibiotics, hormones and excessive douching.

Susceptibility is greater in cases of pregnancy, diabetes and certain psychological conditions as well as during the later half of the menstrual cycle. Irritation from contraceptive devices can also cause Vaginitis.

Other causes of Vaginitis: Unhygienic conditions combined with wrong dietary habits increase toxemia thereby lowering body resistance. According to the nature cure philosophy, whenever the body is loaded with
toxins or morbid matter, it tried to eliminate it through the eliminative organs. In women, this elimination is established in the form of profused discharge, that is leucorrhoea, initially, in later stages, the discharge can become offensive in cases of chronic inflammation.

Treatment and Cure of Vaginitis

Maintenance of hygienic conditions is the most important factor in the treatment of vaginitis. It is only after disease achieved that morbidity and consequent inflammation and discharge can be

Diet Role in treatment of Vaginitis - Another important factor is diet. The patient should be made to fast for three or five days.
Depending Ponte condition, the fasting period may be extended. During this period, she may take juices of lemon and other sub-acidic fruits. This will give the system an opportunity to divert
its vital energies to check inflammation and infection.

Prevention tips for Vaginitis Cure

The patient should avoid coffee, tea and other stimulants as well as sugar, fried and refined foods.


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